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155 HD Chroma Key Effects includes: 37
Green Screen Planets, 22 Blue Screen planets,
54 Laser Green Screen FX, 15 Fire & Smoke
Chroma Key Effects, 12 Photon Laser Blasts, 4
Tesla Green Screen, 4 Telsa Effects Black Croma
Key, 8 Meteor Fly By Green Screen , 1 Meteor
Belt Green Screen, 1 Space Travel w/ Palnets
Green Screen , 1 Space Travel w.o./ Planets, 8
Red Laser Green Screen FX, 8 Blue Lasar, 8
Tracer Rounds, 4 Long Blast moving Red Laser
FX , 4 Long Blast moving Blue Laser FX , 7 Heads
Up Display Green Screen FX, 1 Regeneration
Green Screen , 1 regeneration Black Croma Key,
1 Regeneration Blue Chroma Key, 1 Monitor
bank Green Screen, 4 Blue Flame Rocket Engine
Effects, 2 Liquid Metal Effects, 1 Fly through
Clouds Chroma Key Effect
Video info:155 effects in 1 (2.5GB) file.
File Type: .mov/HD/1280x720/
ratio-16:9/Runtime approx 55min.
Award Winning ~ 100% Safe & Secure ~ Guaranteed
Download Includes:
21 Sci fi Stock Footage Clips of "Class M"
PLUS You can Create your own sci-fi
footage w/ these additionally included
videos: 4 real tree chroma key clips , 4
Premium Planet Green Screen Effects , 37
standard Green Screen Planets, 22 standard
Blue Screen planets, 54 Laser Green Screen
FX, 7 Heads Up Display Green Screen FX, 1
Space Travel Green Screen, 8 moving Laser
Effect Clips, 1 Asteroid Belt green Screen
Clip, all combined in one convenient
Only $1.99
Video info: 1 (1.8GB) File.
File Type: .mov/HD/1280x720/
ratio-16:9/Runtime approx 55min.
File Info: 250 .wav sound effects
/20mb .zip File
Your go- to collection of sound effects for
your next action video or film! This effects
pack includes: Gunfire, Explosions!
Airplanes! Jets! Police! Traffic! Sirens! Fire!
Light Saber Battles! Crowds! Storms!
Earthquakes! Grenades and a lot More!
Only $1.99
More Coming Soon!
Vidiots Channel Store

More than 30 HD High Quality
backgrounds and Overlays!
Animated Doors, Bonus Sci-Fi Stock
Footage, Studio Furnishings & more!
The new Video Effects Bundle, "Sci-Fi Virtual
Studio is the perfect Multi effects Pack to
create beautifully detailed Virtual Starship
interiors, bases and more. The additional
Virtual Furnishings, Animated Doors &
additional backgrounds will allow you to
transform your studios as needed.
Now available for

Only $2.99